About Us

Hello, we’re the Energy Zoo

...and we’re here to do some good.

The Energy Zoo was born on a sunny afternoon in the Effective Energy head office in north Nottinghamshire, with the aim to help small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) with their energy procurement and efficiency.

As an already established name in the energy industry, Effective Energy brought the Zoo to life with a set of five values:

Be ecological

Due to our parent’s carbon emission mission, we’re enthusiastic bunch when it comes to the environment. It’s just how the Zoo was brought up. We harness this passion to ensure that our customers not only get a brilliant deal, but also one where their carbon emissions are lower than before. Our eco-ethics also extend to our attitudes in the workplace. We’re constantly adapting our surroundings with the hope of one day becoming carbon-neutral. We also remember to turn the taps off.

Be pro-active

This means not waiting until it’s too late to change things for the better: for our customers, for the world around us, and for our company. We want to keep ahead of the game, getting results where our competitors can’t and improving where they don’t. Being a leader in sustainability takes anticipation and initiative, and so we make every effort to be smarter, quicker, bigger - and friendlier.

Be accountable

We take responsibility for everything that we do and promise to do. We want a business to be proud of and we believe that this starts from being honest and transparent with our customers – no sneaky small print or marketing madness. Our duties lie within providing an impartial service, doing only that which benefits our customers. We refuse to be monopolised by any energy supplier or particular offer, and we never will be. It’s as simple as that.

Be personal

Nobody does it quite like we do. We’re rather pleased about that. Our impartial service is unique to you and your circumstances, and made possible through our strong relationships with many reputable energy suppliers, not just the ‘big six’. There’s no one-size-fits-all ethos at the Energy Zoo; the custom-built contracts and prices we secure reflect exactly what’s important to you. You wouldn’t give a lion a banana and expect him to be happy, would you?

Be charitable

Just like when we were little and were taught to share our sweets with our friends, we think it’s only right to share our successes now. That’s why we wanted to team up with an environmentally minded charity to spread the wealth our business creates to causes that really need it. It also means being generous with each other – with our time, support, and spirit.

Want to know more about the Energy Zoo? We're only a phone call away. Speak to our team on 0333 323 2500.