Signature Hair and Beauty

The Details

  • Who: Signature Hair and Beauty
  • Where: Swinton, South Yorkshire
  • What: Energy Procurement
  • When: September 2015

The Motivation

Helen thought her energy bills were too high; she was confused about the energy market and wanted to make sure she was getting the best deal. After talking to the Energy Zoo, Helen quickly realised there were savings to be made.

The Plan

After gaining an understanding of Signature Hair and Beauty and their needs, we went out into the whole market to find the best deals available. The Energy Zoo doesn’t have a ‘preferred’ supplier; we’re totally impartial, all we care about is getting the best deal possible for our customers. The Energy Zoo was able to simplify the process, helping Helen to not only save money but understand her bills and consumption too.

The Outcome

Helen made an annual saving of £315, this is what she had to say about her experience:

“The Energy Zoo staff were all very helpful and efficient, the process was hassle free and I was able to reduce my costs; I would definitely recommend using the Energy Zoo!”

Hop on the phone and call the Energy Zoo on 0333 323 2500.