Why use a broker?

Time for a review? Trust in the Zoo.

There are many reasons to use an energy broker to find your perfect energy tariff. If you’ve made the decision to start using energy more effectively - congratulations! You’ll soon be saving money, the planet, and getting more of what you, your business and your employees really need. However, sometimes you need a few more reasons to trust another business to do what’s right for you.

Lighten the load
An energy switch needs to be worth the effort. Scouring the market can be difficult and it takes time - something no one can afford to waste. A broker such as the Energy Zoo removes the burden and does the legwork while you concentrate on what makes your business tick (brownie points for us). Missing out is simply not an option.

Strong supplier relationships
Our rich history in energy-efficiency, carbon reduction and insulation has resulted in great relationships with energy suppliers. This means that we’re ideally positioned to shoulder your energy procurement responsibilities (you’re welcome). What’s more, our relationships are with all reputable energy suppliers, not just the big six, so we’re able to chase every quote on the market and use our connections to get a better deal.

Brokers have the responsibility to remain impartial to keep the energy market competitive for customers. Our 100% impartiality means that we work with every reputable energy supplier out there, so we’re sure to find you a hidden gem. We don’t have ‘preferred’ suppliers or try to pretend that we don’t. It’s more important to us that our customers know that they’ve received the best possible deal than getting a little bit more commission and a dodgy reputation.

Energy industry experience
Most brokers have a background in energy and the Energy Zoo has over 50 years’ experience within the energy efficiency industry. We can boast teams with backgrounds in carbon management, insulation, energy-efficient improvements, government legislation and funding initiatives.

Energy efficiency services
Some brokers offer other services alongside energy procurement. The Energy Zoo offers optional extras for a more comprehensive package, such as insulation measures or renewable technology for your business.

We keep suppliers competitive
By using the Energy Zoo, you’re forcing competition in the market. Energy suppliers offer brokers better contract prices than the ones they make available to the public because they’re competing for bulk customers. This factor brings down suppliers’ profit margins, and in turn, your business’s energy bills.

Timing is crucial
We know the best time to buy. This is a central part of energy purchasing and affects your ultimate contract price, type or length. The Zoo team track the wholesale market to strike at the optimum time. We can find fixed, flexible, collective, and green energy contracts - or why not tell us what you want? We’ll take it as a challenge.

Energy management
The Energy Zoo covers every aspect of energy management: from bill validation and buying your gas and electricity, to after-care and advice on energy generation and reduction. We’re not ones to leave you in the lurch.

Lowering your consumption
After your new contract is set up, the Energy Zoo keeps in touch to offer advice and actually help you continue to reduce your consumption. This promise isn’t to benefit us – it does - it’s to help you spend less, conserve energy, encourage ways of clean thinking, build trust and respect, and ultimately, forge a lasting relationship with each one of our customers. Our commission may decrease, but there are more important things in the world. How many other brokers can claim that?

Playing to the rules
For peace of mind, the Energy Zoo also follows and supports the developments of the Third Party Intermediary (TPI) Code of Practice, which affects the energy broker industry. This covers a set of standards that sets the benchmark for responsible, high-quality TPIs between SME customers and suppliers.

Being different
We genuinely care about the legacy we leave and we think a relationship of respect through great customer service and a transparent way of working keeps our customers coming back year after year. The proof is in the pudding. If you like the idea of using the Energy Zoo as your broker and want to talk to us about our methods, contact us today