Our Chief Zookeepers

Find out a bit more about the Energy Zoo team...

Richard Cox

Managing Director

Richard has been in the energy market for over 20 years and worked for some of the world's leading brands. With a thorough understanding of government legislation, Richard knows how to identify innovative ways to drive the success of the Energy Zoo.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Richard has the integrity to bring the Energy Zoo into the spotlight. He's always looking for new ways to help customers save money, reduce carbon and become more energy-efficient.

Four things about Richard:

  1. Last year, Richard met Winter, the prosthetic-tailed dolphin and star of the film 'Dolphin Tale' – all together now, “awww”
  2. He once bowled out former West Indies cricket captain, Richie Richardson
  3. His claim to fame is that he went to school with Finchy from The Office (Ralph Ineson)
  4. Throughout 2014, Richard completed over 100 runs and covered a total distance of 928km – in 2013 he ran outside once!

Carl Fisher

Commercial Manager

Carl has years of experience working in the energy sector and has developed many of the energy supplier relationships we depend upon at the Zoo. He's made it possible for us to offer our services to a large audience, eventually developing the Energy Zoo's sales process.

Carl has previously worked at leading brands and has brought in millions of pounds through managing sales and marketing teams. Responsible for our commercial development, Carl plays a vital role in our procurement offering.

Four things about Carl:

  1. Carl has an unrelenting fear of birds – much to the cruel amusement of his colleagues
  2. He is a self-taught guitarist and also played the saxophone and piano at a young age
  3. He's a 'glass half-full' kinda' guy
  4. Once went to see Peter Andre and East 17 in concert. On separate occasions

Luke Whitworth

Energy Procurement Manager

Luke has years of experience working in energy procurement as both a supplier and broker. He has a rich background in business development and account management, having worked with well-known SMEs in the electricity industry.

In the past, Luke has taken on various managerial roles and shown an impressive understanding of core business principles. As our 'fountain' of energy knowledge, his experience in developing procurement and environmental strategies is central to his role at the Zoo.

Four things about Luke:

  1. His dad was a professional footballer
  2. Luke has seen Westlife in concert, though this didn’t cause as much ribbing as when we learned about Carl's guilty secret!
  3. When he was 16, he cycled around the Ardèche mountains for three weeks, including the Tour de France’s Mont Ventoux
  4. Luke's a keen practical joker and has been known to put his foot in his mouth with senior directors – you should ask him!

Jack Constantine

Energy Sales Consultant

Jack has taken on various roles since completing further education, with a history of waiting, professional valeting, and telesales at a large mobile network provider.

As one of the Energy Zoo's energy sales consultants, Jack has found a natural progression in his career and demonstrates a confident nature and well-developed outbound calling skills.

Four things about Jack:

  1. Jack is the frontman of indie-rock band, The Introspects (we reckon he could give Alex Turner a run for his money)
  2. Jack had work experience at CAR Magazine and his articles were featured on their website
  3. The koala is Jack's Energy Zoo persona because of a specific koala fact he took a shine to
  4. Jack is a self-confessed caffeine junkie, and appears to be out of control with his coffee-scoop quota...

Nicola Fisher

Energy Sales Consultant

Nicola had worked in Newspaper Advertising since 1998; gaining experience in matching business needs to the correct products, helping customers to make the best investments for their company.

Nicola plays a vital role at the Energy Zoo as one of our Sales Consultants, building relationships with our customers to bring them an excellent level of service.

Four things about Nicola:

  1. Don't give Nicola a bag of skittles and a glass of orange juice otherwise she'll be bouncing of the Energy Zoo roof
  2. When Nicola was 13 she was offered a Ballet Scholarship
  3. She sold a 1 million page impression to one customer (in her previous job)
  4. Nicola has a secret talent that she can so the splits - very impressive!

Fay Pool

Energy Sales Consultant

Having moved from our sister company Effective Energy, Fay has now found her place in the Zoo among the wild energy sales consultants.

Through her working life Fay has always found herself in roles where she helps others, from Nursery Nurse to Human Resources Administrator; and that hasn’t changed in her new role. As an energy sales consultant Fay helps companies find the best deal on their energy contract and she’s great at it to!

Four things about Fay:

  1. The golfer Lee Westwood’s dad taught Fay maths at secondary school
  2. Fay has an infectious laugh which can be especially heard when she’s on the phone to our customers!
  3. Fay has recently took up kickboxing
  4. It seems our Energy Sales Consultants have a number of secret talents, and Fay is no exception – she can fit her fist in her mouth!