How to Motivate Your Employees

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Every business has a lull in staff motivation, but if you manage it properly and keep your workforce on their toes you can keep productivity high and achieve a high level of staff retention!

According to one survey, less than a quarter of employees felt motivated at work in 2015, with just under a half saying they had neutral or negative feelings about their job. This is worrying news, of course. However, there are simple ways to motivate staff. Just 17% said that their boss was good at saying thank you and motivating them, however this reveals a lot about what keeps employees going. People often look to management for motivators, rather than taking it from the work itself. A “thank you” goes a long way, and thinking about keeping employees happy will pay off in the long run.

Recognise and Reward!

Over a third (34%) of employees said they could not remember a specific time when they felt motivated by their employer. So while there is a clear way to motivate staff, perhaps employers aren’t doing enough to make it happen. Of those that were motivated, 82% had been rewarded at some point with a form of reward or recognition for a job well done. That is a sizable percentage! Recognition or reward where appropriate can give employees a big psychological boost.

Retaining Your Staff

Motivation plays a huge part in staff retention; if staff are happy and motivated, then why would they want to move on? Onrec have some ideas about how to retain staff this year. A good work-life balance plays a big part in job enjoyment and flexible working is a way to help employees manage their free time as well as their working hours. 45% of respondents said that a good work-life balance was a key motivator for them. Flexible working isn’t an option for every business, but if it is something you can facilitate, you might want to check out our advice on how your SME can manage flexible working.

Talk To your Employees

Job satisfaction is key to retaining staff and motivating your employees by recognising and rewarding their achievements (however small) can mean a lot. Talk to your employees, engage them and you can nurture a driven workforce.