Improved Internet for Small Businesses

Friday 20 November 2015

Small Businesses are set for an internet upgrade!

David Cameron recently pledged to upgrade broadband for everyone by 2020. This means that small businesses and families are likely to benefit from increased internet speeds. No matter whereabouts in the country you live or work, according to the government’s promise, you will be legally entitled to request minimum speeds of 10Mbps.

The Need for Speed!

While Ofcom defines “high speed” broadband as 30Mbps (andthe average speed for UK customers is 23Mbps), this latest announcement is sure to be welcomed as businesses in smaller towns or remote regions often struggle with little or no connection at all. As David Cameron said, "Access to the internet shouldn't be a luxury, it should be a right - absolutely fundamental to life in 21st Century Britain”. Over 83% of homes and businesses in the UK have an internet connection of 24Mbps or faster. However, those that are unable to access a fast connection will have the right to demand one when the legislation comes into action.

Good for Clients

Of course, a good internet connection is needed for day-to-day business operation, but for many businesses, their clients and customers also rely on a reliable connection too. One hotel manager in Shropshire said:

“Guests, particularly business clients, assume a good internet connection in the same way as they do running water. Most people when they book a room don’t even ask about internet connections or Wi-Fi because they just assume it is available. It is an expectation, a given”.

Paying The Price of Downtime

Downtime can cost your business in terms of productivity, but if your connection is also used by clients, it can affect your future custom too. If you think it’s time to switch your broadband providers, swing by the Energy Zoo. You could qualify for a two year free broadband connection when you sign up to a one year energy contract with us! Get in touch with us for more information.