You’re an Energy Elephant.

Just as an elephant never forgets, you never forget to review your energy contract. But do you know where to look, and what for? At the Energy Zoo, we focus on the right areas so you don’t have to, and you can be confident that you’re getting best possible deal. All we need are a few more details and soon you’ll be an Energy Lion, king of the Zoo.

You’re an Energy Snake.

You check your bills about as often as a snake sheds its skin! You could be missing out on the very best deals, but you probably haven’t got time to check more often. Let us at the Energy Zoo do the hard work for you. All we need are a few more details and we can scour the market to get you the best deal – and before you know it, you’ll be an Energy Lion and being an Energy Snake will be hiss-tory!

You’re an Energy Camel.

Did you know that in the time between you checking your energy bills, some camels haven’t even had a drink? Just as a camel should probably drink more often, why not let the Energy Zoo keep a close eye on the energy market and review your contract for you? You could become an Energy Lion. Just give us a few more details and we’ll help you get over the hump...

You’re an Energy Crocodile.

A crocodile waits for its pray to get close before striking, just like you wait until your renewal is due before reviewing your contracts. You’re not alone; many businesses behave in this way, but you could be missing out. At the Energy Zoo, we’re constantly monitoring the market and we know the best time to buy. Just fill in a few additional questions and we’ll turn you into an Energy Lion as quick as a snap...

You’re an Energy Ostrich.

By not reviewing your energy on a regular basis you’ve got your head buried firmly in the sand. However, don’t panic – with the help of the Energy Zoo you can transform into an Energy Lion, the king of the Zoo. Just answer a few extra questions and we can start scouring the market for the best possible deal for your business, and you’ll be able to take your head out of the sand.