Gas and Electricity

Don’t get stuck with a mediocre contract.

We get it. Energy procurement isn’t the most exciting part of running a successful business. However, it’s essential for building and maintaining a less wasteful, energy-efficient workplace. We like to think that the Zoo makes this as hassle-free as possible.

At the Zoo, energy procurement is our bread and butter. We can therefore take the time to concentrate on what your business wants and needs out of its energy contract, freeing up your valuable time and resources. We have a simple process for how we do what we do, and it works. You’d be crazy to flamingo anywhere else.

There’s more to the market than just the ‘big six’. Some of the smaller and newer energy suppliers often offer the most competitive rates. Some even offer green-energy-only tariffs, or supply build-your-own packages. There really is a plan for every business, however large; however small.

Did you know that some industries and businesses are able to claim a VAT discount on energy? Such sectors include schools, charities, care homes and student accommodation.

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